Please note you can book directly with us, you don't have to go through other sites!!



The Shack - Converted Shearers Quarters

(2 people)

$150 per night - includes continental breakfast

Extra persons - $50​  Adult

           $30  Under 16

(Please note that the prices below allow caravaners & campers the use of the fire pit area with the wood all collected & ready to go)


(power included)

1 night  - $50 for 2 people + $10 per person 

2 nights - $80 for 2 people + $10 per person



(power included)

1 night - $35 for 1 or 2 persons + $10 per person

2 nights - $55 for 1 or 2 persons + $10 per person

(Please note that currently there is no camp kitchen - it is on the 'to do list'!!)

Read below:  Please note as to what is available thought)


Pricing starts from $40 per night depending on numbers in your vehicle, 

will you be using power, bathroom facilities etc & where we decide you can set up

Price will be discussed during your inquiry with Andrea

(Please note there are no dumping facilities here)

PLEASE NOTE:  Our basis for pricing, whether you are camping, in a caravan or using The Shack, is due to exclusivity of site - our farm.    So much peace & quiet!!   Your own bathroom facilities, depending on weather conditions a fire is provided ready to go (inside The Shack as well) & gas provided for BBQ.......that is FREE gas!!)   

Our personal welcome & chat about things to do here, farm history, tracks to take & being available to assist you at anytime will ensure a memorable visit to our unique farm

(Plus all the other options listed on this website!)

Payment options & Cancellation information

  If booking directly with us, payment or deposit arrangements will be discussed with Andrea at the time           of booking.

If your deposit is paid, strictly - full refund 5 days before expected arrival, there after no refund

Direct banking details will be given out as necessary

If your bookings are through the alternate options listed below (that we are members of), we take no responsibility for any arrangements you make with them.

You must adhere to those

pre-arranged options, rules & regulations of their company which are indicated on their booking sites etc. 

   Please enquire on special rates for longer stays,     small group bookings or any queries 02 6966 1220 


You will not have to share the Shack, caravan, motor-home or camping site with anyone.  The place is yours!!  

You will be able to sit around a camp fire (with the wood already collected) gazing at all those stars you're able to see out here in our clear skies, go for a stroll, bird watch AND maybe meet some animals like 'Osama Bin Lama' (our alpaca & his mates) or Simon one of our pet sheep.  However remember this is a working farm and sometimes these animals are too far away and working, for you to meet them.   Talk to Ron or Andrea as the chooks and our dogs need feeding every day, or they maybe some other light duties you can be apart of. 

Feel free to bring bikes, but make sure the tyres are puncture proof or your can just read a book in the peace & quiet.  If you have time book a tour (more info in 'Tours') and late check out is available if you let Andrea know.


Be involved in any sheep work                              or                     get up close & personal with our pets


Hosts:    Andrea & Ron Finch

02 6966 1220


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